The Generosity Experiment - Results



1 dependent variable

N= 24 in condition 1

gifted dinner

N= 26 in condition 2

collaborative dinner

Gifted ::

2/24 people changed G metric after the gifted dinner, one in each direction

1/24 people gave extra money (G++)

so 3 total changes in G metric

4 people kept money bc didn't change G metric

Collaborative ::

7/26 people changed their G metric, 3 bc more and 4 become less generors, but all of those who bc more generoar gave extra money!

2 people kept money bc didn't change G metric

Despite the gifted dinner becoming more generous, way more momey was domnated by the collaborative dinner at

Main Observations

#1 most people gave all the pre and post dinner money

#2 most people stayed the same in terms of generosity

#3 more people in the gifted condition gifted ALL their money

#4 in the gifted condition, there were small changes in G metric, where as in the collaborative condition there much larger changes in the G metric

#5 one person went above and beyond and they gave $1 in the gifted condition, 3 people went over and above in the created and they gave $18!